3KW/7KW Single-phase charging station

Shipping under 24h - 48h

<p>Compatible with all type 2 electric cars</p>

Up to 7 kW of charging power Mounting plate, cable holder and screws included Configurable charging power Communication via Wi-Fi / GPRS / RFID Color LED display Dual leak detection and protection, emergency stop button. Under voltage and over voltage protection T2S Shutter option : 35€ HT (contact us)

Are you looking for an efficient recharging solution that is inexpensive to purchase and operate? The 7.2KW Duosida by Borne+ single-phase charging station offers the best compromise between ergonomics, price and performance for electric cars and plug-in hybrids at home. Thanks to its robust design and its intelligent electronic system with integrated wifi, this versatile charging station will make you gain in autonomy and comfort through its numerous options including card start, mobile application control, and its LED interface with color screen.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 16 × 44 × 36 cm


Protection level




Nominal voltage

400 VCA

Max output current


Maximum output power


Smart card

ISO 14443A





Wifi iPhone


Wifi Android


The 7.2KW Borne+ charging station frees you from public charging stations

The transition from a combustion engine car to an electric or hybrid car brings many changes. The use of a battery instead of fuel encourages drivers to get electricity at home or at more powerful charging stations in order to obtain the necessary autonomy. It should be noted that access to these charging points is often limited by poor coverage in strategic locations, including public or private parking lots or parking areas.

<p>14 days to change your mind</p>

<p>1 year manufacturer warranty</p>

<p>24h Shipping</p>

Technical characteristics of the charging station.

<p>small duosida by wallboxecomax total station</p>

<p>Max 7KW</p>

<p>LED display</p>

<p>32A out</p>

<p>Length of the ground cable: 90cm</p>

<p>Plug : Type 2</p>

<p>Status information by large colored LED circle</p>

<p>Electronic anti-theft device, support of the electronic lock of the vehicle.</p>

<p>Stop button: Yes - Red button on the side</p>

<p>Possibility of WIFI connection: Yes</p>

<p>Metal plate for cable storage with metal cable hook.</p>

<p>Housing material: Polycarbonate</p>


<p>Start of the recharge by IC recharge card</p>

<p>Remote start via mobile application</p>

<p>Remote load control</p>

<p>Stop of the recharge by remote control or by button</p>

<p>Remote check of the reserve load</p>


<p>Temperature control</p>

<p>Tension control</p>

<p>Refill history</p>

<p>video installation</p>



<p>Overload protection</p>

<p>Protection against overloading</p>

<p>Short circuit protection</p>

<p>Over heating protection</p>

<p>Protection against overvoltage</p>

<p>Low voltage protection</p>

<p>Don't depend on public terminals</p>

Despite the program to deploy 100,000 charging stations in France, the right to plug in is far from being effective, as charging structures are rarely free during the day. Drivers and owners of electric cars have to queue up or go in search of another charging station, which is very costly in time and money. Level 1 charging cables (home charging plug) offer an alternative with home charging. On the other hand, their performance is insufficient for the user to fully benefit from the electric vehicle. These solutions offered by vendors and car manufacturers allow the vehicle to be serviced due to their portability. However, the recharging processes are too time-consuming (a full recharge takes up to 36 hours on a domestic AC current for batteries of more than 50 to 100 Kwh). The 7.2KW Duosida electric vehicle charging station with a 32A charging capacity, Borne+ offers you the best solution to escape the restrictive charging conditions. This ultra-modern single-phase station combines the performance of a fast charging station with the comfort of easy-to-handle equipment available day and night.

<p>A fast charging station waiting in your garage</p>

The Borne+ 7.2KW charging station has been designed for all profiles of electric vehicle users. Made up of a sturdy, lightweight charging box, it simply mounts on the wall of a garage or in a covered area of your yard. This charging station comes with a Mennekes (Type 2) and TS2 charging cable compatible with most vehicles, and a grounding plug. You can plug it into your vehicle during off-peak hours, between errands, in the evening after work, or all night to fill up on electricity. With the 7.2KW charging station, there’s no need to stop at public charging stations and points or to go around the charging station network.

An economical charging station

The Borne+ 7.2KW electric charging station allows you to save money at the time of purchase, but also during operation. First, the purchase and installation allow you to benefit from government assistance. The French government has been encouraging the transition to electric vehicles for years. Electric vehicle users who opt for a charging station in a collective building (condominium) or an individual house enjoy a tax credit (regardless of income). Thus, the current system announces a tax credit on 75% of the price of the charging station up to a limit of 300 euros for any purchase and installation of a charging station between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2023. Take part in the great migration to electric mobility with the best provisions! Second, the Borne+ 7.2 kW charging station has been calibrated to suit the electrical installations of French households. Its single-phase power supply and 230V voltage rating do not require any modifications or costly work for installation, unlike three-phase systems. Moreover, Borne+ offers a turnkey service so that you can enjoy your recharging solution immediately after purchase. Finally, electricity is less expensive than gasoline, diesel or petroleum when you compare the cost of a full tank of gas and electricity. On average, you will save up to 6 times your travel budget, given the inevitable rise in fuel costs.

A powerful terminal to meet your daily needs

The 7.2KW Borne+ charging station brings together all the ergonomic and technical elements to make your life easier. Its 7.2KW power allows you to recharge a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles at a satisfactory speed, ten times more efficient than a proprietary connection cable. The electric filling of a Nissan Leaf is reduced to 5h (against 18h) while that of the Peugeot e-208 is 3h59 (against 14h) for example with the 7,2KW 32A terminal.

Recharge with peace of mind with the charging station 7.2KW charging station

Electric charging stations carry high voltages that can be very dangerous if not handled properly. The 7.2KW Bollard+ solution prevents all incidents, such as fires caused by short circuits, through fully secure equipment. The control and monitoring box of the Duosida 7.2KW bollard is IP55 rated. This means you can use it with complete peace of mind even in the event of water and dust splashes. The charging station also contains other essential electronic security options: An antistatic protection that protects you from possible electric wave losses. Protection against overvoltage and undervoltage Protection against overcurrent Protection against overheating via an operating temperature control (-30° to 50°C) Lightning protection The equipment Duosida 7,2KW by Borne+ takes advantage of the last technological advances to obtain a great durability. The recharge cable has a length of 5m and has a protection class IP 55. The case is protected by a thick shell that has a physical emergency stop switch.

A state of the art terminal

The 7.2KW 32A plug-in hybrid electric car charging station is equipped with a multitude of practical and productive WiFi features. Its casing is equipped with a high-resolution LED display that shows the state of charge of your car, but also important information such as residual current, remaining charging time or the charging cycle. The charging station is then delivered with a mobile control application “DS Charge”. This app expands your control over the hardware via a plethora of settings. To install it, Android users should enter “DS Charge” on the Google Play Store. iOS users can search for “DS Charge” on the App Store. From your cell phone, the app allows you to: Start or stop the charging process. With this feature, you no longer need to leave your chair or desk to check the charging status. View charging history statistics. The DS Charge/ Fresh Charge application records the time you spent charging your electric car from the charging station. It will give you in-depth details of speed and time. View electrical data. This setting gives you access to all the information about the reserve power and range, voltage, charging power, charging cycle. Check the temperature This application linked to the home charging station also keeps you informed of the latest updates. A notification system tells you the latest features you can download. Finally, our 7.4KW charging station supports IC cards and QR Code for a smooth and totally disconnected use.

Have your charging station installed by professionals

Home charging stations are connected to high-voltage circuits. At Borne+, we advise buyers and resellers to use specialist electricians who know how charging stations work to avoid any risk of accident. We also work with Qualifelec or AFNOR IRVE installers to perform a pre-installation analysis to ensure your safety. A preliminary study of your building and its electrical network will allow us to establish the estimate and ensure the optimal operation of the charging station. Why IRVE ? You can call on other operators and electricians depending on your layout. In fact, we provide videos and installation guides to make their job easier. However, the IRVE electrician is the only professional recognized by the State for the installation of charging stations. They will thus make you benefit from the subsidies and various aids promised by the government in the context of the purchase and installation of a charging station for electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

<p>Call customer service for specific information</p>

Looking for information about our charging stations? Visit our frequently asked questions or go directly to the support section by calling +33 01 45 84 80 81 . You can also send an email or a letter to the following addresses contact@borneplus.fr 10 Place Pinel, 75013 Paris, France An active and competent customer service will answer you in a short time to bring clarifications on the product. You can also download the manual of the 22KW charging station with cable or without cable, as well as the complete user’s manual of the Wifi function for more details on the product and its operation.