Cheap charging station

The Borne+ philosophy

Borne+ est un acteur écologique engagé qui s’est donné pour mission la réinvention de la mobilité électrique. Depuis 20 ans, nous créons, produisons et distribuons des solutions de mobilité électriques qui changent la vie de nos clients. Nous travaillons spécifiquement sur la borne de recharge en conservant le meilleur rapport qualité prix, et nous proposons des produits et solutions performantes accessibles et durables.

En effet, la technologie électronique et électrique a connu une flambée exceptionnelle depuis le début du XXIème siècle. Aussi, nous profitons de cette vague pour étoffer notre recherche sur les solutions de recharge, qu’il s’agisse d’infrastructures de charge dans un réseau public ou d’une flotte privée. Notre objectif est d’impacter lourdement le secteur des stations de recharge et tout ce qui concerne l’installation électrique de bornes en tant qu’entreprise. Parallèlement, nous cultivons  une ambition ardente d’assainissement de l’environnement en tant que simple citoyen.

Notre philosophie est loin de constituer une simple page imprimée destinée à embellir un site. Au contraire, ces valeurs écologiques et économiques reflètent notre politique de travail. Ainsi, nous encourageons nos employés et équipes, depuis le pôle R&D à la distribution, à appliquer une vision qui sort du simple contexte commercial pour développer un véritable « mindset » éco-responsable , inclusif et innovateur.

Nous choisissons également les partenaires les plus passionnés. Notre société s’intéresse notamment au partage, qui est la clé de voûte de la réussite de cette mission écologique commune. A cet effet, nos collaborateurs intègrent parfaitement nos objectifs tournés vers une transition électrique confortable, rapide et efficace. Par ailleurs, nous sommes en constante recherche de collaborations fructueuses qui apportent l’épanouissement, les nouvelles idées dans une ambiance respectueuse.

Cheap charging station: Impacting the future of electric mobility

The purchase of an electric car implies a change of routine for the 21st century driver. Indeed, electric and hybrid vehicles must be powered by a plug. This means that the user has to plug his car into a level 1 charging station, which is granted by the car manufacturer, or into a more powerful level 2 station in public parking and charging places. However, both of these solutions are generally inaccessible and slow, which can be costly in time and money.

To ease this transition and immediately enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles, Borne+ offers solutions that alleviate all difficulties through powerful and economical home charging stations.

The user experience

Our first objective is to offer consumers the simplicity and comfort of a private terminal. Our products are made with light elements and accessories optimized for a quick handling like a household appliance. The connection is made simply from a type 2 connection (or domestic socket) while the charging cable of our terminals reaches 5 m. This way, you can enjoy a recharging service in your yard or garage.

With a Duosida charging station, you can fully charge your car overnight or during off-peak hours without worrying about parking space and the time it takes.

Ergonomics and durability

To offer electric charging stations that are pleasing to the eye, robust and secure. At the same time, we attach particular importance to the ease of access to a cheap charging station. Thus, we exclusively hire approved professionals to analyze the infrastructures (collective or individual building), the type of adapted charging point (fast charging point, normal charging). In the same section, we advise the customer on the investments related to the installation of charging stations.

The current state of affairs

Accessibility of charging stations, charging station usage trends, legislation, etc.

Constantly innovating

We never look back and do not take any breaks in the creation and innovation process. At Borne+, we believe that electric and electric vehicle charging solutions have unlimited potential. Also, there will always be new ideas to explore to improve the customer experience.

Meeting challenges is part of our DNA. Every time we create a cheap electric charging station or charging accessory for electric cars or plug-in hybrids, we make a full commitment to quality, inspiration, brand image and reliability.

Our ambition also goes beyond the simple commercial mission of producing the “maximum” number of charging stations to compensate for the shortcomings of other players (saturation of locations, charging points and public charging stations). We study all the hypotheses to make each solution better to inspire the competition and attract collaborators to share our values.

Cultivating excellence

Our entire team is driven by a passion for electric technology and electric mobility solutions. This passion commits us to create, develop and produce equipment that is functional, seamless and durable in all circumstances. We cover needs that have not been met before and our charging points and networks of three-phase and single-phase charging stations prove it.

In our production chain, integrity and sharing are the most important rules. Thus, we privilege respect and ethics through human means (exchanges) and technical means (strict and detailed specifications).

Our main policy is to encourage the surpassing of oneself to the point of making it an obsession. Thus, we apply extraordinary regulations and standards in order to develop perfect products. In other words, we really behave like customers and evaluate stations, charging points and accessories for electric and hybrid vehicles like owners. We then ensure that all our charging stations work and fit into the electrical grid, offer accelerated charging speed, and provide optimal safety for charging.

Opening up to others

We are humbled by the advice and criticism from inside and outside our company and use this input to improve every day. Borne+ is open to all kinds of discussions on electric charging, charging infrastructures, problems inherent to electric vehicles and other current topics on fast charging solutions.

Determined to push the limits, our team is energized by the exchanges and new ideas that come from maintenance employees, line managers or an employee. As a result, we act like a family, facing challenges and failures, and reaping the benefits and satisfaction of working well together.

From this spirit of inclusiveness, we give ourselves a chance to believe in our smallest assets, values and skills to continue to persevere and win together.

Meeting the challenges

Borne+ is a strong supporter of the ecological cause. Therefore, the challenges of organizations, governments and other individual actors committed to cleaning up the environment are also ours.

As a manufacturer and distributor of electric products, charging stations and stations for electric and hybrid cars, we try to inspire others in every way possible. So, revolutionary concepts, quality/price optimization are our fuel!

If a home charging solution is already “sufficient” to cover the energy needs of users on a daily basis, why not make it “perfect” and even “extraordinary”? Indeed, we are always thinking bigger and never miss the opportunity to offer better by integrating new added values for the environmental cause but also for comfort!

Our constant risk-taking leads us to satisfy our customers’ expectations in terms of accessibility, ergonomics and performance. In this sense, the right to take is not our only priority, because we want to impose the electric as the future and not as an alternative to thermal engines. Our real challenge is zero emissions, but also the full functionality of our solutions in everyday life.

Our policy is generous

Offering a cheap charging station for electric vehicles is not enough to impact the consumer society. At Borne+, we are aware of the extraordinary proportions that the fight for the transition to electric vehicles is taking. As such, we are actively involved in sharing activities to accelerate the pace of adoption of electric cars.

We are working with distributors, whether they are car manufacturers, IRVE installers, or electrical trade companies to promote the cause.

We are also committed to making sacrifices for the good of the team, partners and consumers as long as it impacts the adoption of electric mobility solutions.

Changing the lives of our customers

We like to put a smile on our customers’ faces! But beyond that satisfaction, we appreciate even more the impact our products have on their future.

Many drivers feel that the transition to electric is a sacrifice that must be made. With our products, we are changing that mindset and turning their vision toward optimism. In this case, we eliminate all fears related to access to charging stations (in parking lots and public places), performance (slow charging speed with household plugs and AC power), and economy. In summary, we focus all our efforts on putting the customer at the center of our policy by offering cheap charging stations, but also by reducing their future investments related to the product and its use.