30kW DC CCS2 Charging Station

<p>Shipped under 24H</p>

<p>Compatible with all type 2 electric cars</p>

LED color touch screen Up to 30 kW charging power Socket type CCS2/CHAdeMO Mounting plate, cable support and screws included Configurable charging power External communication via Ethernet/Wi-Fi / 4G/ RFID/ OCPP1.6J – 2.0 Internal communication via CAN/RS485/RS232 Protection IP55/IK10 OCPP platform Detection and protection of leaks, emergency stop button.

Vous êtes à la recherche d’une solution de recharge efficace et pas chère à l’achat comme au fonctionnement ? La borne 30KW  Borne+ offre le meilleur compromis ergonomie, prix et performances pour les voitures électriques et hybrides rechargeables à domicile. Grâce à sa conception robuste et son système électronique intelligent avec wifi-intégré, cette borne polyvalente vous fera gagner en autonomie et en confort à travers ses nombreuses options incluant les démarrages par carte, le contrôle par application mobile, et son interface LED avec écran couleur.

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Datasheet DC : Click here to download

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<p>Overload protection</p>

<p>Protection against overloading</p>

<p>Short circuit protection</p>

<p>Over heating protection</p>

<p>Protection against overvoltage</p>

<p>Low voltage protection</p>

<p>You can choose to charge the vehicle</p>

On public charging stations, which are stations installed in public places (parking lots, rest areas, etc.). These are powerful electric charging stations accessible to the general public. However, they are too often saturated due to their poor distribution in large urban areas. On home charging stations, which are private and personal charging stations that allow the battery to be fed at home. This solution is more adapted to people who want to charge their cars with more freedom.

<p>Comfort of recharging</p>

With Borne+’s 30KW charging station, you can enjoy the convenience of home recharging and avoid long lines and wasted time at public stations. It allows you to feed your battery during your off-peak hours or during the night so that you can leave in the morning with a full charge. The 30KW wall charging station is equipped with a Type 2 plug (also called Mennekes Charger) that fits the vast majority of electric cars on the road in Europe and in France.

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Looking for information about our charging stations? Visit our frequently asked questions or go directly to the support section by calling +33 01 45 84 80 81 . You can also send an email or a letter to the following addresses contact@borneplus.fr 10 Place Pinel, 75013 Paris, France An active and competent customer service department will respond to you within a short period of time to provide clarification on the product.