150kW DC CCS2 Charging Station

Shipped under 24H

Compatible with all type 2 electric cars

  • Color LED touch screen
  • Up to 150 kW of load power
  • 2x250A Phoenix connector
  • Mounting plate, cable holder and screws included
  • Configurable charging power
  • Communication via Wi-Fi / 4G / RFID / OCPP1,6J
  • Dual leak detection and protection, emergency stop button.
  • Under and over voltage protection

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Are you looking for an efficient recharging solution that is inexpensive to purchase and operate? The 150KW Duosida By Borne+ charging station offers the best compromise between ergonomics, price and performance for electric cars and plug-in hybrids at home. Thanks to its robust design and its intelligent electronic system with integrated wifi, this versatile charging station will make you gain in autonomy and comfort through its numerous options including card start, mobile application control, and its LED interface with color screen.

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Overload protection

Protection against overloading

Short circuit protection

Over heating protection

Protection against overvoltage

Low voltage protection

You can choose to charge the vehicle

On public charging stations, which are stations installed in public places (parking lots, rest areas, etc.). These are powerful electric charging stations accessible to the general public. However, they are too often saturated due to their poor distribution in large urban areas.
On home charging stations, which are private and personal charging stations that allow the battery to be fed at home. This solution is more adapted to people who want to charge their cars with more freedom.

Comfort of recharging

With Borne+’s 150KW charging station, you can enjoy the convenience of home recharging and avoid long lines and wasted time at public stations. It allows you to feed your battery during your off-peak hours or during the night in order to leave in the morning with a full recharge.

The 150KW charging station is equipped with a Type 2 plug (also called Mennekes Charger) that fits the vast majority of electric cars circulating in Europe and in France.

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