22KW/11KW Three-phase charging station (integrated cable)

<p>Shipped under 24H</p>

<p>Compatible with all type 2 electric cars</p>

Up to 11 kW of charging power Configurable charging power Mounting plate, cable holder and screws included Communication via Wi-Fi / GPRS / RFID Color LED display Dual leak detection and protection, emergency stop button. Under voltage and over voltage protection T2S Shutter option : 35€ HT (contact us)

Are you the proud owner of an electric car or are you thinking of buying one? Get the best charging stand to get you out on the road with peace of mind.  Duosida's 22KW three-phase charging station offers many advantages, including high charging speed, advanced control with Wi-Fi technology, enhanced security, and the absolute comfort of home charging.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 16 × 44 × 53 cm


Protection level




Nominal voltage

400 VCA

Max output current


Maximum output power


Smart card

ISO 14443A

User manual




Wifi iPhone


Wifi Android


Fill up on electricity at home with the ultra-efficient 22KW Borne+ charging station

Electric and hybrid vehicles are powered by batteries that deliver variable electrical power to turn the engine and move the wheels. Unlike internal combustion vehicles, they consume electrical energy instead of fuel (gasoline, diesel, oil and other derivatives) and must be recharged regularly. With an electric car, you make a commitment to ecology by saving the environment from CO2 emissions and money as well, thanks to a more generous cost/range ratio (ecological bonus) compared to conventional cars.

<p>14 days to change your mind</p>

<p>1 year manufacturer warranty</p>

<p>24h Shipping</p>

Technical characteristics of the charging station

<p>small duosida by wallboxecomax total station</p>

<p>Max : 22KW</p>

<p>LED display</p>

<p>output current : triphase, 32A</p>

<p>Cable lenght : 5M</p>

<p>Length of the ground cable: 90cm</p>

<p>Plug : Type 2</p>

<p>Status information by large colored LED circle</p>

<p>Electronic anti-theft device, support of the electronic lock of the vehicle.</p>

<p>Stop button: Yes - Red button on the side</p>

<p>Possibility of WIFI connection: Yes</p>

<p>Metal plate for cable storage with metal cable hook.</p>

<p>Housing material: Polycarbonate</p>


<p>Start of the recharge by IC recharge card</p>

<p>Remote start via mobile application</p>

<p>Remote load control</p>

<p>Stop of the recharge by remote control or by button</p>

<p>Remote check of the reserve load</p>


<p>Temperature control</p>

<p>Tension control</p>

<p>Refill history</p>

<p>video installation</p>



<p>Overload protection</p>

<p>Protection against overloading</p>

<p>Short circuit protection</p>

<p>Over heating protection</p>

<p>Protection against overvoltage</p>

<p>Low voltage protection</p>

<p>Call customer service for specific information</p>

Looking for information about our charging stations? Visit our frequently asked questions or go directly to the support section by calling +33 01 45 84 80 81 . You can also send an email or a letter to the following addresses contact@borneplus.fr 10 Place Pinel, 75013 Paris, France An active and competent customer service will answer you in a short time to bring clarifications on the product. You can also download the manual of the 22KW charging station with cable or without cable, as well as the complete user’s manual of the Wifi function for more details on the product and its operation.