Duosida By Borne+ range
Borne plus France has been manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art electric mobility solutions for 20 years. the Duosida range by borneplus Faced with the major challenges of the electric transition, we offer reliable, safe and ergonomic products that free electric car drivers from the constraints of recharging. In this quest, we are working on many axes to make charging stations accessible, efficient and effective. Our policy focuses in particular on :
1. Anticipating the needs of electric and plug-in hybrid car users
The sale of electric cars has grown considerably over the last ten years in France, as in the rest of the world. This push to adopt electric motors has been supported by the efforts of car manufacturers and governments. The market share of electric cars has reached 8% of new registrations in 2021, whereas it was struggling to reach 2% in 2019. At the same time, financial aid and ecological bonuses are incentives that play in favor of electric mobility.
Despite this trend, electric mobility faces many challenges. Among the greatest difficulties faced by electric car users is the limited access to charging stations. In other words, the deployment of publicly accessible charging stations that allow electric vehicle owners to charge in a timely manner is far from satisfactory. Of the 100,000 charging stations “promised” by the Ministry of Ecological Transition for the end of 2021, there are only 40,000 stations available. To support these public and private projects and bolster efforts to encourage the adoption of electric cars, the duosida by borne plus range develops and produces alternative solutions to charging stations. Our objective is to make the right to plug in effective throughout the country. Present on the market for two decades, we study the evolving and real needs of new users to ease the transition from the combustion engine to the electric motor. We specialize in the manufacture of home charging stations that are easy to install, light, simple to use and in line with modern electronic technology. Our catalog includes charging stations for frequent travelers as well as residents of larger cities who make short trips. Our products also meet the expectations of the modern connected citizen with WiFi, maps and mobile application.
2. Optimization of charging solutions
The great mobilization of society for the electric transition should normally lead to 100% electric mobility in the very near future. Indeed, all measures have been taken to encourage the driver of the 21st century to buy an eco-responsible vehicle. For example, it has been announced that exclusively “zero-emission” company cars are expected by 2026. However, this also means optimizing the recharging solution to make the electric car “functional”.

At Borne plus, we take a special look at the ergonomic and technical aspects of charging stations. We focus on handling, security and performance. The duosida by borne plus charging stations are designed to be as ergonomic as possible.

Our R&D department studies in depth the different parameters of comfort and power to offer a solution adapted to each driver profile.

Thus, our charging stations cover all modes of fast, normal and semi-fast charging. These stations are designed for different brands of cars in order to eliminate compatibility problems. In the same section, our products are designed for all types of buildings and homes. Among other things, we develop different categories of customized products in order to reduce investments and costly modifications of the electrical network and charging infrastructure.

Finally, the charging stations of the duosida by borne plus range are also compliant with national and international safety regulations (CE, RoHS, ISO) for a safe use. To this end, we opt for ultra-resistant materials adapted to the indoor and outdoor environment to guarantee the reliability and durability of each station. Our home stations have a minimalist design for a comfortable grip. Then, they include numerous mechanical and electronic protections against shocks, short-circuits, overheating, etc.

Our mission
The purchase of an electric car implies a change of routine for the 21st century driver. Indeed, electric and hybrid vehicles must be powered by a plug. This means that the user has to plug his car into a level 1 charging station, which is granted by the car manufacturer, or into a more powerful level 2 station in public parking and charging places. However, both of these solutions are generally inaccessible and slow, which can be costly in time and money.

To ease this transition and immediately enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles, the duosida by borneplus range offers solutions that overcome all difficulties through powerful and economical home charging stations.

The comfort of a home recharge

Our first objective is to offer consumers the simplicity and comfort of a private terminal. Our products are made with light elements and accessories optimized for a quick handling like a household appliance. The connection is made simply from a type 2 connection (or domestic socket) while the charging cable of our terminals reaches 5 m. Thus, you will benefit from a charging service in your yard or garage.

With a Duosida charging station, you can fully charge your car overnight or during off-peak hours without worrying about parking space and the time it takes.

Saving time and energy

Thanks to our home charging stations, you will no longer need to go to public charging stations. This will allow you to choose the time of recharging according to your availability and to save your battery. Best of all, our charging solutions are programmable. This means that charging can be started remotely and you can manage your consumption efficiently.

Participation in the ecological transition

We are committed to the fight against pollution and CO2 emissions. Firstly, our eco-friendly products comply with environmental standards including the RoHs directive. We strictly follow the regulations on the manufacture of various components such as batteries, cables, etc. Secondly, we encourage the adoption of electric mobility solutions by facilitating access to turnkey products at very competitive prices. Our mission is to make the transition from combustion engines to electric power as smooth as possible.
Our values

We are committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive range of products and services, from the manufacturing process of the equipment, to the distribution to the resellers, to the support of the end consumers. Our way of working reflects our positive perception of a pleasant and efficient electrical future.

We promote conviviality

We strive to make our business human and place particular importance on proximity.

We take full responsibility for our commitments

Manufacturing of products destined to be installed in consumers’ homes (apartment buildings or individual houses). Our responsibility starts from the choice of materials, the control of the production line, the quality control and of course the after-sales service. We give our customers all the guarantees and support to create a climate of trust.

We look to the future

Borne plus is a manufacturer of charging stations that are revolutionizing electric mobility. We are on the lookout for the best solutions to make the use of home stations enjoyable and in line with the latest technology. We are committed to looking to the future and anticipating needs at every stage of design and production of charging stations.

We create, you benefit

Creating environmentally sound mobility. This common thread that unites us with governments, companies and all private actors committed to fighting pollution is a constant reminder of why we decided to produce home terminals.
Why choose the duosida by borne plus range?
Our long and extensive experience in the manufacturing of charging solutions is a testament to our reliability and creativity. By purchasing a duosida by borne plus product, you are ensuring that you are making the best investment to optimize your electric mobility thanks to :

Rigor and high manufacturing quality

You bought a new electric car to confirm your sensitivity to the ecological cause? Think about going the extra mile by using accessories you can rely on every day! Give up the idea of recharging your car with a cheap plug and poor protection. With Duosida’s charging solutions, enjoy high charging power in single or three-phase (AC and DC) to get your battery back up and running at lightning speed. Our products are also conceptualized with simple, minimalist, space-saving designs but accompanied by a plethora of electronic safety features. This includes hardware protection (waterproof case and charging cable) and electrical protection (automatic shutdown in case of anomaly).

Easy-to-handle charging stations

Our stations are equipped with removable consoles with wall mounting. At the same time, we provide (optional) columns for outdoor locations. So you can install a station in your garage or in the yard very easily. At the same time, our products will help you monitor and control your information from the main console or from mobile applications. With the fast charging point, you can start the operation from your room or office, check the charging status and charging time or receive notifications. At the same time, our charging stations feature smart digital technology that allows you to charge batteries via a card or QR code.

Terminals compatible with the majority of electric vehicles

Connected with standard type 1 and 2 cables (Mennekes) to power the vast majority of cars sold in France and Europe.