Charging station stand

<p>Shipped under 24H</p>

<p>Compatible with all type 2 electric cars</p>

Metal stand for outdoor charging station Height 1,5m High resistance to weather changes


This metal stand is the ideal ally for your outdoor installations, compatible with the cable support provided with each of our bollards. This stand has a treatment allowing it to resist to bad weather for many years.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 320 × 300 × 155 cm





<p>14 days to change your mind</p>

<p>1 year manufacturer warranty</p>

<p>24h Shipping</p>

Technical characteristics of the charging station

<p>small duosida by wallboxecomax total station</p>

<p>Max puissance de charge : 22KW</p>

<p>LED display</p>

<p>Courant de sortie : triphasé, 32A</p>

<p>Cable lenght : 5M</p>

<p>Length of the ground cable: 90cm</p>

<p>Plug : Type 2</p>

<p>Status information by large colored LED circle</p>

<p>Electronic anti-theft device, support of the electronic lock of the vehicle.</p>

<p>Stop button: Yes - Red button on the side</p>

<p>Possibility of WIFI connection: Yes</p>

<p>Metal plate for cable storage with metal cable hook.</p>

<p>Housing material: Polycarbonate</p>